Monday, March 31, 2014

Still Foot Draggin’

After seeing Wandering Willy and his snow pics when he got home, and John & Brenda who still seem to be living in a winter wonderland, I am in no rush to get home to snow banks, cold, and winterizing the rig again.  Rick & Paulette and Jean & Skip are both bragging about having grass to cut, but I’ll be lucky if I can even see any grass under the snow when I get back.  But then, they live on that ‘almost tropical’ island, somewhere off out west coast!

So I am trying to go north as slowly as possible, playing leapfrog with Nina & Paul as they also move slowly northward in their seasonal migration.  I have been able to track them down again, enjoying their free camp with the great views of Lake Mead.

The crowds are quite a bit less here; than was starting to build on the beach at Nevada Telephone Cove where we recently exited after pushing the 7 day limit.

Forgot to mention the Bayfield Bunch, who are getting hitch itch to depart the heat and rattlesnakes of Arizona, but not looking forward to their version of the winter wonderland awaiting them back in Ontario.

Hailey has been enjoying the shoreline hunting opportunities here, after the slim pickings on the beach of Lake Mohave.


Besides, some of the ducks on Lake Mohave …


were getting a bit ‘upset’ at having their photos taken all the time!IMG_3629

There have been a few high wind advisories in the region lately. My tenting neighbours almost took flight the other morning as the winds got a bit gusty.


There’s still a person inside this tent!IMG_3674

But if it’s too breezy outside for her liking, Hailey has indoor ‘caves’ to explore and plush mice to catch.IMG_0400IMG_0402IMG_3586IMG_3585IMG_3584

Trying to keep my posts shorter these days – that’s it.


  1. Great pictures of Hailey. I she on a leash when she is exploring outside? I wonder if the snow will be gone by the time your time restriction is up. Bragging here: The weather was beautiful here on the Island :-) Enjoy the rest of your stay.

  2. The weather in Anza Borrego is great...but a tad (a big tad) windy today. Hailey is so cute! Noah loves exploring too.