Thursday, April 3, 2014

Stewart’s Point

If you want to know all about the ins and outs of camping at Stewarts Point on Lake Mead, within Lake Mead National Recreation Area, you’ll just have to cyber-transport yourself over to the Wheeling It blog, where Nina either has, or will shortly provide an excellent review of boondocking in the area.

Although I have camped in the area a number of times, I have never stopped in to check out the two ‘warm’ springs very close by.  They are Blue Point Spring, and Rogers Spring.  Blue Point is rather bland, with an unmarked trail leading back to a point where water gushes forth from a circle of brush, past a water survey flow guage. (Canadian spelling, eh), and an official benchmark.


Just down the highway a ways to the south is Rogers Spring.  It sports a large shallow pond with little fish (and turtles, apparently?), several picnic shelters, and outhouses.  Water leaves the pond through a series of little concrete basins and waterfalls.  The sign says it produces 400 gallons a minute at a constant temperature of 80F.  But before you get tempted to go for a dip …


… you have to read the second part of the sign.  That was enough to discourage me!


Back onto the highway for a short tour, I saw a Nevada Wildlife truck towing a large boat towards Echo Bay launch, where I later came upon it again.IMG_3667

And sure enough, the boat was patrolling the Nevada side of the Overton Arm checking for anglers or other nefarious individuals near camp when I got back.IMG_3668IMG_3670IMG_3665IMG_3666IMG_3664IMG_3639IMG_3641IMG_3638IMG_3637

‘How people think I travel’


‘How I think I travel‘IMG_0406

How I really travel.



  1. It would be a pretty sad & lonely world without our best Pals close by at all times........

  2. I'm American and I spell guage the same way...hmm maybe because I'm from Michigan and it's so close to Canada?

  3. Ivan, Hailey is absolutely beautiful -- and it looks like she's scoped out the best spot for travel. :) Love the pic of former co-pilot Harley. Just learned about you from Nina at Wheelin' It and look forward to following your travels.


  4. Glad I found you blog - I, too, travel with a cat (and I'm a former Canuk). Looking forward to hearing more about your travels!