Thursday, March 27, 2014

Just Birds

Still at Nevada Telephone Cove on Lake Mohave in Lake Mead National Recreation Area.  Don & Donna from Driving Miss Donna have moved on, and other friends from the north have moved in for a few days.IMG_3424

Sticking pretty close to the beach, but I did go for a hike in Upper Grapevine Canyon, not too far from here.  There are some easily accessible petroglyphs there.IMG_3469IMG_3470IMG_3468IMG_3465IMG_3464

The cactus are starting to bloom in the desert.


The ducks and other waterfowl are enjoying the beach time as well.


There are gulls …


And doves …IMG_3312IMG_3328IMG_3324

And the hawks and buzzards are patrolling the nearby canyons.


John and Brenda tell me that if I make it home by July, I should miss the worst of the snow!  Forecasts from the north country make it plain that the snow has not even started to melt yet – yikes!  So as a result, I haven’t made it very far yet on my northern trek.  May have to get the wheels rolling soon though and get another day’s travel behind me.  Rumour has it there might be a ‘beast’ from Wheeling It  somewhere north on Lake Mead, so perhaps I should watch the weather for a while from up on Lake Mead.  Don’t want to rush things you know!


  1. Melt! It is still coming down, probably got another 2 inches since yesterday. But on the positive side there are no mosquitos.

  2. Nice flying Hawk photos. I seem to recall you having a time of it getting through the snow in your driveway last year. Could be a repeat performance again. We are anticipating similar conditions around our house as well when we get there...........


  3. I am laughing at JB. Did I tell you Skip cut the lawn the other day...I have pictures.
    You are getting good with your new camera, love the Hawks1

  4. Rumour is right (you're just so well connected!). We're hanging at Stewards Point if you decide to come this way.

    Love the bird shots!!

    Nina and Paul

  5. Great bird pictures. And lots of birds for Miss Hailey to watch.

  6. Ivan:
    My wife & I decided we wanted a 40 ft motorhome. Now that we purchased a 40 ft Damon (2002 Escaper w/2 slide outs), she has decided it is too big, and wants us to downsize to a fifth wheel and dually. So, you can guess what I am doing now.
    You seem to get around pretty good w/o having a larger dual wheeled truck to pull your 5th wheel. We want to travel the Rocky Mountains and the desert. Could you share some information about the size and type of engine, size of truck, and size of 5th Wheel you are pulling. And, if you have had any problems pulling the 5th wheel in the mountains where you have travelled to warrant having a bigger engine or truck?
    Thanks in Advance.