Sunday, March 16, 2014

Lost in Time–again.

It’s hard to miss the change to daylight savings time these days with all the media coverage, facebook, twitter and all the rest.  And many of my devices change automatically.  I had trouble in the fall when the time changed as I was on the dividing line between mountain and pacific time zones, and also passing back and forth between Nevada/California/Arizona.  And my phone changes back and forth, depending on which state it is getting it’s signal from at the time.  I was in California almost a month before I realized I was still on mountain time!  So I was proud this time when I had all my devices and clocks ‘sprung forward’ by the next day.  Then I realized that I was in Arizona that (like Saskatchewan) doesn’t follow DST!  Well, except some Indian reservations in Arizona.  So, once again I am on the wrong time, but since Alberta is my eventual destination, I think I will just keep time on my own.

I had thought that after seeing Wandering Willy’s photos of his snow covered truck when he returned home to BC that John & Brenda might delay their northward departure somewhat, but John had the hammer down hauling northwards past my Burro Creek location on highway 93 just a day after I had pulled up stakes.  But I fooled him and pulled a U-turn and headed back south from Kingman to Lake Havasu – where I am currently gathering courage to head back to the frozen north.  When he arrived back at Dogpound there was (is) a lot of white on the ground that looks suspiciously like s..  sn..  white stuff!  Last year I had to bust through drifts to get down my own unplowed driveway.  I’d just as soon not have a repeat of that this year.

Not much happening in Lake Havasu – except that it has been very warm, hot even, and usually a nice breeze to go with it. 

Spring Break is just starting to get into full swing.  Which means that watercraft of all types are out enjoying the water.  Note to northern readers:  none of this involves snowmobiles, ice fishing shacks, big boots or frostbite!


Some of these boats sound about as loud as a diesel locomotive when they fire up.


Of course, where people are attracted to the water, so are the enforcement authorities.


I was doing some comparison shopping in Basha’s the other day and found some strange things. You can buy a 24 pack or a 30 pack for the exact same price.  Same store, same day!  I think someone should go back to economics 101!


Blogger is still screwed up and nothing has changed for months now.  Funny how Google can provide Streetview images of ski runs, Outer Mongolia, and the bottom of the Grand Canyon, but seems totally unable to fix the problems with my blogger.

Today is Hailey’s 4th birthday, and she is enjoying it in a rather relaxed fashion.


I guess she is giving her small lizard friends the day off!


  1. Ya got some mighty fine pics of the Havasu wild life I see:))

  2. Happy Birthday Hailey! Enjoy an extra mouse bite and say Hi to Dad :-)

  3. I gave a good wave to your spot at 11:05 that morning and then headed northwards into Utah for the night. It was good to get home but believe me I have thought I should have followed you south, and then I saw your pics and knew I should have.

    As for the snow I am thinking that if you want to miss it you should head north in time to stop by the Dogpound Rodeo on your way north.

    And just another comparison that you should take into consideration, yesterday I saw a sign saying the Cremona Hotel had cans of Coors on special for only $4.25.................EACH!

  4. Happy Birthday to Hailey! I hope you'll enjoy your time in Lake Havasu City, AZ. I adore it there! Been many times; I have a cousin who lives there. Have fun! Blessings, Lynn