Sunday, June 1, 2014

June has arrived


It’s been a while, and we’ve been busy, but the truth is, just not that much to fill a blog with.  But here goes anyway with a few photos taken in the last while.  This guy was hanging out roadside one day as we headed off to the Bearberry saloon.


The resident mountain bluebird is back to claim his home at the end of my driveway.  He couldn’t fit in the birdhouse last year till I drilled the entryway a bit larger.IMG_4268

Other birds have been very slow to discover and take advantage of the feeders I have out, but a few eventually did start to visit.


This is the new fire tower and cabin that were put in over the winter that I mentioned in the last post.  Looks like we will be flying in there again tomorrow to work on some of the landscaping issues, now that all the snow has melted, and our fire crews don’t have fires to keep them otherwise occupied.


Took the back road out to civilization today, which involves passing through a few active logging areas, and a small creek crossing.


The snow melted off the old airstrip, so we moved camp onto the end of it.


It’s a pretty prime location, and with government ‘no trespassing’ signs all around, there is no worry about sharing the spot with others.  And no noisy generators or quads ripping about.  Just helicopters are regular visitors.

And the good part – it’s all within easy walking distance of free meals at the camp kitchen.  No dishes again this summer Winking smile.

Later in the month, Hailey and I will be heading on another road-trip to the north country.  We’ve got reservations at a quaint cabin by a lake in northern Alberta.  Oh yes, and there will be a tall tower where I will spend my days enjoying the scenery and watching for wildlife.  And fires!


  1. Looks like you have another tough summer coming up.....NOT!! What a life, what a life:))

  2. It seems you'll be enjoying a quiet time, there. Thank you for keeping us updated! Blessings... Lynn