Thursday, May 8, 2014

Spring Weather in Alberta

It was only a couple days after I finished the Tanker Base course, that we opened up the fire camp for the season.  There was still a bit of snow around, but the weather was warm and sunny and the remaining snow was melting fast.

My little office.


Lots of snow in the high country however, so even some normally road accessible lookouts had to be opened by helicopter.


Another location got a brand new tower and a new cabin last winter.  I made a quick trip up the tower for a look around.


Around home, the deer and moose are out looking for the first blades of green grass and fresh shoots.


Back near our work camp, Hailey has her sights set on fresh grouse.  Tough hunting while on a leash though!


All was going well, and the crews had even been dispatched to a few smoke reports.

Then the Alberta weather did an about face.


Lovely camping weather for sure!

But after a few days, the weather did improve somewhat, and most of the fresh snow melted again.  This muskrat near my house was finding a few new green shoots to snack on.



  1. It looks as if you & Hailey are going to have an interesting summer. At least here, in the Northwet (not a typo) this summer is supposed to be hot & dry. Have fun!

  2. Yep, you slipped through the cracks on me again but I finally spotted you on the sidebar tonight. Looks like another busily interesting summer coming up. Some guys have all the luck. Don't envy you with all that snow though but it's probably all gone by now............