Saturday, January 18, 2014

Almost–On Time Again!

Way back in November, as I was still on my way south, we were around the tri-state area of Nevada, California, and Arizona.  My phone was picking up signals from various towers and changing time whenever it saw fit.  Add in the fact that Daylight Savings Time ended (but not in Arizona), and it was truly confusing.  So when I finally got settled into proper mountain time, I did not bother changing anything even when spending a month in the Pacific Time Zone.IMG_1154IMG_1152IMG_1151

We moved from Borrego Springs to Ogilby Road, so now the clock is almost back on the ‘correct’ time.  As many boondockers and bloggers know, Ogilby Rd and nearby Pilot Knob areas are great spots from which to access the shopping etc in nearby Yuma, and Algodones, Mexico.  We spotted Paul and Nina (Wheeling It) and RV Sue a few washes over off American Girl Mine Road, and found Sassy next to Wandering Willy over in the LTVA area at Pilot Knob.

Hailey and I have been here a week now and have been using it as a base of operations as well.  I made just one quick run over to Algodones for a teeth cleaning, a visit to the Arizona Market for some odds and ends for around the rig, and toured up through the LTVA areas around Imperial Dam.  There is quite a dramatic shift in vegetation and land use in just a few miles in this area.  Just west of Ogilby Road are the massive sand dunes of the Imperial Dunes. One day the wind was blowing up a lot of dust and sand.


Just down the road, irrigation effects are obvious, with huge immaculately groomed, table flat tracts of intensively farmed land – the source of most of your vegetables.IMG_1054IMG_1046IMG_1037

Groves of date palms are also found scattered throughout the area.



Just up the road from where we are camped is the remains of a former mining town of Tumco.  We have been there a time of two before, but went back for another look around, and found a good mix of historic and new mining exploration and action.

IMG_0027 - CopyIMG_0025 - Copy

Some of the vertical shafts are fenced off for safety, but some of the more horizontal ones can be accessed – carefully.

IMG_0023 - CopyIMG_0022 - CopyIMG_0019 - CopyIMG_0018 - CopyIMG_0012 - CopyIMG_1101IMG_1091IMG_1086IMG_1085

After the visit to Algodones, there was time to spare, so I went for a drive south of Yuma, along the border.


After a hard day’s hunting in the desert and in the trees, someone was plumb tuckered out!


After this, I think we’ll be spending a few days stealth camping around Yuma visiting relatives, before heading up north to take in the action, excitement, crowds, traffic, and chaos, which is Quartzsite during the big RV show!


  1. That little Hailey bug is a cutie pie. Been a few years since we've camped at Ogilby Road. No way we are going anywhere close to Quartzsite this year. Last year we ended up buying an RV there. Sure as hell won't be doing that again!!

  2. Love the Hailey pictures! Where did you get your teeth cleaned in Algodones, and did they do as good a job as dentist in the states? Our past experience has been they don't do as thorough cleanings in Mexico.

  3. Your pictures are beautiful. I'm starting to get into photographing birds when my husband and I go birdwatching and your pictures are great.